Natural Herbal Skin & Hair Products

There are many factors that contribute to the break down of Collagen and Keratin in the body such as aging, poor diet, poor circulation, and an increase of toxins. 

Collagen and Keratin are amino acids (protein) that are the main nutrient that exist in hair, skin, and nails; as well as provides structure to the skeletal and muscular system of the body. It's support to the body aides in muscle mass, bone loss prevention, and joint relief. 


CherisH.E.R. Beauty products contain minerals that boost Collagen and Keratin in the body by stimulating blood circulation, strengthening hair follicles, nails, as well as heal different types of skin problems, reduce wrinkles  and dryness. Boost the natural chemicals in your body with the earth's natural resources that will help aide in the beauty transformation your looking for.     

Keratin & Collagen
Herbal Boost

Toxins that rest in your scalp, skin, fingers will keep your true beauty from shining. This natural supplement of crushed crystals is a potent mineral that puts power back into Keratin & Collagen while detoxing the body of toxin build up. Topical creams, oils, and butters can help, but imagine if you start cleansing from the inside, while the topical oils & butters do the work from the outside... 

Includes 30-day herbal supply of: Mineral Monster, Green Laminin & The Body Builder...

Black Nut-Berry Soap

Black Nut-Berry Soap is a combination of African Black Soap, Natural Soap Lathering Nuts & Berries, a splash of Castile soap, and a mix of Ayurveda oil for moisture and extra lather! All of the ingredients contain anti-bacterial properties that are healing and beneficial all the while flourishing skin and hair. Treats split ends, fights skin and scalp infections and prevents dandruff. Fights against razor bumps, reduce fine lines and reduce the appearance of black spots; not to mention the softness your skin will feel after a great wash!!!


Choose a pop top bottle for easy hair washing capabilities or the pump bottle for daily use of face or either hand wash.