• Use CherisH.E.R. Grandmother's Kitchen to treat the scalp and Sea Moss Butter on hair strands before washing the hair.
  • Wash & Condition your hair.
  • After wash and condition; apply CherisH.E.R Oil to stimulate scalp, reapply Sea Moss Butter.


Add the Sea Moss Gel/Sea Moss Serum to your daily regimen. 

  •  Use the Gel as as a face mask, leave it on your face for 30 minutes or until it dries on your skin. Wash the residue off with soap, and than finish with Sea Moss Serum. 
  • Serum can be used at anytime, for all uses (scars, swelling, redness, acne, etc).


Note: CherisH.E.R. Keratin/Collagen, Mineral Monster, & Burdock Root Supplements Also Included.

The Ultimate Beauty Pack

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