Health, Environment, & Reality

The CherisH.E.R. brand is a female program, where the acronym H.E.R. stands for Health, Environment, and Reality created to help educate, motivate, and mentor young girls and women into changing the way that they care for and cherish H.E.R. 

Products for Women's Health

CherisH.E.R. w/ Life
CherisH.E.R. Breastmilk

CherisH.E.R. 180 w/Life Herbal Care is a 3- packed bundle deal for the pregnant or breastfeeding mother. Included is a 16 oz jar of Sea Moss Gel & CherisH.E.R. Breastmilk herbal pack to help focus on optimizing women's health by balancing her hormones, healing the birth canal, tightening/strengthening the uterine walls, improve your moods, and lastly, to help boost breast milk.

CherisH.E.R Breastmilk is mixed with two herbs (Blue Vervain & Blessed Thistle) to improve and increases the flow of breast milk by increasing prolactin, a protein that produces milk during pregnancy as well as after delivery. May prevent moods that cause depression after childbirth, tightens and heals uterus.

These products have not been approved by the FDA and if pregnant or breastfeeding please consult with your doctor. 

CherisH.E.R. 180

CherisH.E.R. 180 Herbal Care is a 3-packaged order to optimize women's health focusing on balancing hormones, possibly shrink tumors, tighten/strengthen uterine walls, improve moods, decrease fibroids/cysts, and possibly reverse fertility.

Option to order this product by itself is also available...