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Natasha M. Houston, MS

B.A. in Sociology; M.S. in Organizational Leadership, Motivational Speaker, Author, Certified Personal Trainer,Work and Family Life Experience, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Youth Coach, and Nutrition Specialist.


My motivation and purpose in life is to help people to become their greatest self!

Can a person that has:
3 slipped disc
Bursitis in both hips (from tendinitis in glutes)
Sciatica in both left and right lower extremities
NO CARTILAGE in the right knee/shifted knee
DAMAGED CATILAGE in my left knee
Arthritis in both feet
Carpal tunnel in both wrist

Run 5 miles, lift weights, maintain fitness, good health, with NO MEDICATION!!!!

Hi, I am SSgt Houston, a Disabled Veteran that served in the United States Air Force to testify that you CAN DO ANYTHING you put your mind to if you dig deep, find determination, and by any means necessary want it bad enough.

Im not showing off, but somebody needed to hear and see this to know YOU CAN DO THIS no matter WHAT you think is broken, disabled, irreparable, and far from recovery.

Do I have pain, YES.
Am I out of commission sometimes, YES.
Will I be disabled the rest of my life, YES.

But through health and fitness, I'll push through and strengthen my body to it's best potential it can get to.

I've built my education and experience in a way to provide me the skills and ability to coach adults and teenagers in overcoming barriers that they've experienced, empowering them to gain a desire to work toward establishing a healthy balance of overall wellness in their life.  

As a United States Air Force Veteran and woman of conglomerate backgrounds, I have experienced many things and gained the credentials needed to give life skilled support and advice. I count it as a blessing to have all this information to share with the world and coach as many people, especially our youth through mentor-ship, fitness, and many other programs with a goal to coach clients to a place of fulfillment. 

My childhood was full of trauma that affected my adult years, but I overcame the mental, emotional and spiritual barriers that would most likely destroy someone's path in life, allowing some life experiences to develop growth and understanding that I had a purpose to fulfill, and to

build my own ambition after realizing my own worth. 

The more that I strive for better; The more goals that I set, and continue to accomplish in life. Breaking down the barriers that had me bound has caused me to embrace a freedom that supersedes who I never thought that I could be, therefore knowing how to live free encourages me to want to help others in breaking their barriers. 

I am driven to share my stories, my testimonies, my joys and my pain, in great hopes that I can help someone overcome their struggles, exposing the strong survivor that they truly embody. 

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