Junkyard Herbal Care

Herbal Care is higher on the priority list than your daily multi-vitamin. Due to the pollution that we face in and outside of our homes, our bodies are under attack, 24/7, and it's important that we understand how intentional we have to be about equipping our bodies in everyday life for optimal health.

It’s important to maintain good health while cleansing the body, and releasing toxins.  It’s also important to understand that the body needs a healthy source of minerals during a detox to counteract the effects of mineral loss through cleansing and liver flushing.

Gold & Purple Sea Moss Gel

Irish Sea Moss is an excellent cleanse of toxins and a strong method for replenishing of minerals needed for bodily organs to function at its best in its natural state. 

Irish Sea Moss Benefits include:​

Great for kids (Can use 1 TBSP in smoothie or applesauce), Promotes regular thyroid function, Improves metabolism, Improves circulation, Boosts immune function, Promotes digestive regularity, Suppresses appetite, Rich in vitamins and minerals (92 of the 102 minerals our bodies are made of), Promotes Muscle Recovery, Skin, Good source of energy, Best source of calcium for bone health, Improve Mental Health, WEIGHT CONTROL

"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

Sea Moss Elderberry Syrup

w/ Black Seed Oil

Elderberry is a long time home remedy used to help boost the immune system by treating common cold, flu, hay fever, sinus/bacterial/viral infections, and tonsillitis. Black Seed Oil helps with inflammation and healing alot of health problems that causes a break down in the immune system, so this powerhouse syrup should be added to your daily regimen in boosting your overall health, especially during this pandemic, and normal upcoming winter month cold/flu/bacterial viruses that are easily contracted at this time.

Benefits of consuming this syrup: Vitamins A, B, and large amounts of Vitamin C. Amino Acids, Flavonoids, Rutin, and Sugar. Boost the immune system; may treat upper respiratory infections. High in Fiber and may help fight constipation. Great source of antioxidants; May lower Cholesterol; and Improve Heart Health.