Junkyard Herbal Care

Herbal Care is higher on the priority list than your daily multi-vitamin. Due to the pollution that we face, both in and outside of our homes, our bodies are under attack 24/7, and it's important that we understand how intentional we have to be about equipping our bodies in everyday life for optimal health.

It’s important to maintain good health while cleansing the body and releasing toxins.  It’s also important to understand that the body needs a healthy source of minerals during a detox to counteract the effects of mineral loss through cleansing and liver flushing.

For female focused herbal packs, go to: www.borntolivefree.net/cherish-her

For male focused herbal packs go to: www.borntolivefree.net/cherish-him 

Create Your Own
Mix & Match 2, 3 or 4
Herbal Pack

Choose the combo you want below and next, a menu option will appear. Create your own herbal combination of either 2, 3 or 4 products to get the alternative care that you want or need!!! (For a description of each individual product, keep scrolling below).

Here are some suggestions to target some common health problems you may be facing: 

Anemia (Mix & Match 4): Mineral Monster, Green Laminin (double order), Burdock Root

Blood Circulation (Mix & Match 3): Mineral Monster, Burdock Root, Beets

Balance Cholesterol (Mix & Match 3): Mineral Monster, Green Laminin, Burdock Root

General Health (Mix & Match 4): Mineral Monster, Green Laminin, Burdock Root & Beets

Increase Energy (Mix & Match 4): Mineral Monster, Beets, Body Builder & Green Laminin

Pain & Inflammation (Mix & Match 4): Mineral Monster, Green Laminin, Body Builder & Heaven's Cure