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The "Underdog"

Youth Sports Bootcamp

Is your student interested in sports but lack the confidence to try out or do their best? 

Could your student benefit from strength training to excel in sports in the next school year?

Is bullying, or insecurities getting in the way of your student succeeding in sports? 


Well let's change gears and give your student a boost of confidence while cultivating their skill in their favorite sport.

Junkyard Fitness is a place where trainers and students discuss hurdles and bumps in the road, discuss the benefit of a healthy diet, and get motivated in performing at their very best. You wont find a trainer that fights for youth the way that I do; so join me in the "Underdog" sports program to get your student performing at their best during summer boot camps as well as the duration of the school year free of charge.

Students must be in middle or high school to participate.

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Junkyard Fitness, Inc.

4 Health & Wellness

Junkyard Fitness, Inc.

4 Health & Wellness
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