If you've read my book, "To Heal at a Junkyard Near You," then you are ready to download, and print my workbook; put it in a binder, and start the journey of ridding all of the mental, emotional, and physical junk out of your life.


“To Get Rid of That Junk,” is a call and a challenge for you to give yourself the

 life-changing makeover that you deserve, starting from the inside, (referring to the cleansing of your mind and soul), to the outside, (which is the cleansing of your body). This book is a self-help resource meant to show you how to identify the trauma in your life, (also known as the ‘Junk’) and how to create places of healing (also known as the junkyard), to let go of the trauma that you may be holding onto, so that you can overcome it.


It wont be easy, but it will be well worth it!!! 

Get Rid of That Junk Workbook



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