Oregano... Hold the Sneeze Please!!!

People are turning away from over the counter medication and looking to the garden for more healthier options for healing. Oregano is a powerful herb and contains numerous health benefits, especially for those of us that suffer from horrible allergies.

Over the counter allergy medication is a life-saver for some people, but it is the worst thing in the world for me. The side-effects vary from hours of drowsiness, dehydration, and others; but those were the two that drove me nuts. I wouldn't sleep for a few minutes, but for more than half the day, if not longer. I have a busy schedule and being groggy most days, while trying to be productive can be a bit of a downer.

While surfing the net; I stumbled across some research and YouTube videos that discussed how mucus affects the body and how to get rid of it. Mucus is attached to most viruses, infections, and neurological problems that we face. Most of the articles that I read and videos that I watched all stated that Oregano was a mucus buster, has potent antibiotic properties in it, and contains a powerful source of antioxidants in it.

One day, my allergies had gotten so bad, I had back to back sneezing for hours. The constant sneezing caused me to have a nose bleed, my nasal passage was swollen, my eyes watered heavily, and my throat had itched for a few days. I maintain a hefty inventory of empty capsules, so I opened up my bottle of oregano, filled up 2 size "0" capsules and swallowed them both at the same time. Within 20 minutes, my sinuses had cleared up and the headache that I developed that morning, gone! Everyday after that, I took one capsule every morning, and hadn't had any issue, until I ran out and kept forgetting to buy more.

In addition to clearing the affects of my allergies, I had so much energy, I didn't know what to do with it; must be a benefit from the antioxidants it holds. So I will advise that if you pop an Oregano, make sure that its early in the morning and not too late in the afternoon.

Yesterday, I went to walmart... Purchased a bottle of Oregano, and woke up this morning, clear as day. I cant speak for everyone else, but Oregano definitely works for me.


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