Alkaline: Is it really necessary?

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Back to the basics with gardening

Is alkaline necessary? Absolutely. 50 plus years ago, most foods that were cooked came straight from the garden or nearest farmer's market. Processed foods, nor pesticide and chemicals in food were not that big of a concern during that time as it is today and frankly; the way that our body is mechanically created to function by fuel of natural foods; we lack the ability to live our fullest life and our bodies are deteriorating much faster than it should.

What does it mean to be alkaline? To be alkaline or live alkaline is to decrease or avoid acidic foods and products that could be harmful to the body by ingesting substances that are high on a pH scale.

The more that a person is able to stay within the state of being alkaline, the more a person's body is able to fight illnesses, ailments, and any other thing that our bodies fight that can become, or already are a deterrent against the human body.

What does it mean if my body is in an acidic state?

It means your body is taking in more foreign foods/products that is not naturally tolerable to its function and need for survival. It is NOT always bad to ingest acidic foods, such as Oranges, Pineapples and lemons; except when you add processed foods (acidic), dairy (acidic), alcohol (acidic), foods high in sugar (acidic), starchy foods (acidic), and the most deadliest thing on the planet, meat (acidic; chemically poisonous). When you can eliminate all of the bad acids out of your body, than the natural healthy acidic foods, aren't so harmful.

What can I do to increase my chances of maintaining a high alkalize state?

Be aware of your environment, the products that you use, the medication that you take and the foods that you eat.

Products- Should be free of toxins, chemicals, or anything that can bring harm to your person.

Food/Medication- Alkalizing the body, at least at 80%, should consists of natural foods, not produced by man, and herbs that are medicinal to the body.

Drink a gallon of water a day.

Try to maintain an active lifestyle.


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