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Finding Purpose in Your Pain...

There will be days that are bearable, and sometimes not so bearable. The key to overcoming any storm is knowing how to cope  and push through the things that are hard in our lives, so that it doesn't invade our true purpose in life. Building a junkyard for mental, emotional and physical detoxing is the true key to success. Book a Junkyard Wellness Talk for  your group today and empower the life of each individual at  your event.


  • How I Turned My Pain Into 2 Degree's, a Book, and a Business.

  • Junkyard Fitness: A Wellness Talk of Healing for Success.

  • Empower Your Mind to Fight Depression: How I Overcame Teen Suicide.

  • No Victims Allowed Mentality; Be Your Own Rescue.

  • The Power of Self-Love & Discipline to Fuel College Life.

  • How to Beat the Statistics of At-Risk Teens that Fail College. 

  • Life Skills for Mental Health & Wellness 

  • Nutrition For Health & Mental Clarity

  • Physical Fitness for Physical Health & Strength.


You also have the option to have a consolidated Wellness talk that covers all topics with included empowerment from my own personal journey of Depression, Disability, Weight Loss and more.

Please email your full contact information and brief detail about your request and hosted event to!


Start walking in your purpose and let your faith be your guidance.


Your going to fail, but the success is moving past the failure and accepting the lesson from it.


Build the resiliency to fight until the end. Believe that it is for you, and never stop until you've won.


What's next is the pride in knowing you can win; and can rest knowing that you never gave in.

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4 Health & Wellness

Junkyard Fitness, Inc.

4 Health & Wellness

Junkyard Fitness, Inc.

4 Health & Wellness
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