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Junkyard Fitness is a program set to help you get rid of all the junk in your life that has you bound and preventing you from functioning mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, and physically.


In today's society; most foods that we eat, our bodies are not able to identify how to use it and stores it as fat until it can be digested. Foreign objects in our bodies cause all kinds of malfunctions are contributors to a lot of health concerns today such as: 



High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

And much more... 

As a Personal Trainer, I am able to train you to: 

Lose Weight
Get in Shape
Build Muscle

Increase Endurance

Enhance Sports Training

-Plan, set, meet, and maintain your fitness goals

And More... 

As a Health Coach I'm able to motivate you to:

-Develop a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

-Help to Improve Digestion

-Maintain Accountability

4 Health, Wealth, & Wellness

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4 Health & Wellness

Junkyard Fitness, Inc.

4 Health & Wellness

Junkyard Fitness, Inc.

4 Health & Wellness
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