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Remix 2 Nutrition:

Getting Back 2 The Basics

Back 2 The Basics Campaign is a project near and dear to Junkyard Fitness because we want to go the extra mile of catering to communities that are not able to afford to get the resources needed from the Health & Fitness world.

This approach will help to decrease health problems and mal-nourishment in families and struggling communities. Health care and pharmaceutical companies are expensive and can be hard to maintain or have access to. 

Therefore, Junkyard Fitness wants to inspire individuals, families, and communities to learn how to get Back 2 the Basics of healthy living by raising the awareness of the benefits of alkaline living. For more information please visit Alkalizing The Body: The Remix 2 Nutrition (

Programs Offered: 

Home/Community Gardening

Junkyard Fitness is looking to house free workshops in empowering these communities to get educated about the benefits of getting Back 2 the Basics by:

Traveling throughout Central Arkansas and hosting free workshops in the community; teaching and encouraging families to get children involved in learning how to grow their own foods and the benefits of this type of living. 

Dispose & Decrease

Through promotion of natural eating and living while getting the resources to working out; we are also hoping to encourage disabled individuals to take charge of their health with the empowerment to lower health problems that they may be struggling with.

"The Underdog" Youth Sports Training

This is a free program motivated to encourage youth that are struggling with being bullied, lack the confidence to excel in sports, and to develop a sense of pride within themselves through sports training, conditioning, eating healthy, and other teen mentorship life skills programs with possible partnering communities.

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