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We are proud of the awareness being exploded around the world about natural approaches to living healthy and self healing. We are most proud that people are yielding to the call of childhood obesity and other health problems that are affecting our youth. 

Junkyard Fitness, Inc., wants to support families by helping households "GET RID OF THE JUNK" that may be causing sickness in any one person from the baby to the elder. Below you will find Herbal Care that caters to everyone in your home.

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Learn about the benefits of offering alternative health methods.

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Sea Moss Purple & Gold Gel Family Pack 

Irish Sea Moss is an excellent cleanse of toxins and a strong method for replenishing of minerals needed for bodily organs to function at its best in its natural state. 

Irish Sea Moss Benefits include:​

Great for kids (Can use 1 TBSP in smoothie or applesauce), Promotes regular thyroid function, Improves metabolism, Improves circulation, Boosts immune function, Promotes digestive regularity, Suppresses appetite, Rich in vitamins and minerals (92 of the 102 minerals our bodies are made of), Promotes Muscle Recovery, Skin, Good source of energy, Best source of calcium for bone health, Improve Mental Health, WEIGHT CONTROL


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