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Junkyard Fitness has a slogan, which is meant to encourage people to, “Get Rid of That Junk.” It is a call-to-action and a challenge for individuals to give themselves a life-changing makeover starting from the inside, (referring to the cleansing of your mind and soul), to the outside, (which is the cleansing of your body). This book is a self-help resource meant to reveal the necessary steps in identifying the trauma in a person's life, (also known as the ‘Junk’) and how to create places of healing (also known as the junkyard), to let go of the trauma that you may be holding onto, in order to overcome it. During my journey to self-healing, I had come to the realization that there was a landfill of junk that was built from my childhood and followed me into my adult life. "To Heal at a Junkyard Near You," reveals my story and the crossroads I had to come to so that I could go through mental, emotional, and physical detoxing, which allowed room for the best parts of myself, that I didn't even know existed inside of me, to rise to the surface. Once I allowed myself to be healed from the landfill that was covering it up, I began to hear God clearly, and when the time was right, my purpose was revealed to me. I hope that this book will empower you to purge toxicity out of your life so that you can eventually see who you are really meant to become and that the true purpose in your life will also be reveal itself to you.


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