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Discussing the truth about the misconception of what a healthy male is; exposing how bad health effects a man’s ability to identify the truth of who he is and the breakdown in their ability to truly thrive in their manhood. 

The more a young man is guided in cultivating his identity in his race, gender, and the multiple roles he’ll have in his life, the more empowered he is to control his environment. The more he learns how to control his health and environment, thriving in manhood will be a natural and successful transition.

CherisH.I.M. is a male program, where the acronym H.I.M. stands for Health, Identity, and Manhood, created to help educate, motivate, and mentor young boys and men in changing the way that males care for and cherish H.I.M.

   Junkyard Fitness, Inc.

4 Health, Wealth, & Wellness

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