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Alkalizing The Body:

The Remix 2 Nutrition

When the body is in an Alkaline environment, disease and infection cannot survive in it, nor can injury remain sprained, broken, or bruised for a long period of time.

Aerobics exercise helps to raise alkalinity in the body and also speeds up recovery when strengthening the muscles surrounding the bones.

To understand how to alkaline yourself, you must understand what it means, what it takes, and why it's important to try to maintain this level of cleanliness in the body.

There are two opposite sides of the pH scale that can help a person determine where they're health is prevailing or failing. One side of the scale is the acidic side, which is between 0-4. The other side is alkaline, which sits at 8-14. In the middle is a neutral stance, which is between 7.1-7.4, and allows for enjoyment in acidic foods as long as the diet is equally balanced with alkaline foods. 


The concerning point to pay attention to, is when a person gets a common cold, blood pressure is elevated, weight gain is apparent, or any other sign of a persons health being put at risk. When a person's health is confirmed by a doctor to be at risk, it is the excessive consumption of acid foods that that is damaging the body's ability to heal and repair itself.

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