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APPOINTMENT ONLY. Work with Natasha "The Wellness Coach," a committed coach dedicated to providing an all-inclusive, customized, holistic wellness program that focuses to target your goals physically, mentally, medically, and more. Program ranges from meal plans, workout plans, and herbal care that target health goals.

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CherisH.I.M. Wellness Program- Customized program supporting men's health with herbal care focused on prostate health, improving testosterone, stamina, as well as sexual function.

CherisH.E.R. Wellness Program- Customized program supporting women's health with herbal care focused on individual goals.

Cherish Your HEALING- Customized program focused on targeting individual health and herbal care goals to help combat general health problems, chronic illness, physical pain and weight loss. 

Cherish a Balanced Mind- Customized wellness program focused on foods, herbal support, and daily activities that support mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

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The 1 Pound Challenge

This independent pack allows you to download the below guide, loaded with nutritional information and guidance, daily devotional, workouts, and more for a successful weight loss journey.

Herbal Care includes Mineral Monster, Green Laminin and Beets to help provide well rounded support your body needs to adjust to the meal plan and workouts. 

For additional support or 30 days free coaching/guidance, contact admin at


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